Af4HA Welcomes IGAD’s Resolutions on Sudan – but Calls to Align IGAD Action to the Will of the People

“I feel that things will only change when We – The People – of Sudan, of Africa, of the world, find ways of punishing the three belligerents (SAF, RSF, the Islamists) more than we have done in 2023. What we need are sticks, not carrots. The question to agonise and brainstorm about, as we hurtle […]

AU’s Establishment of a High-Level Panel on Sudan Welcomed, but Swift Action is Needed

December 5, 2023  “I believe the drafters of the Constitutive Act anticipated scenarios similar to the one in Sudan when they drafted article 4(h). Africans cannot stand by and continue to watch atrocities being committed in Sudan without taking all necessary measures to stop them.”  Shuvai Nyoni – Executive Director, the African Leadership Centre (ALC) […]