Episode 2 of Solidarity For Solutions

Enhancing women’s participation in peace and security in the Horn of Africa

Conflict and instability have long plagued the Horn of Africa, affecting millions of lives. During armed conflict, women and girls are disproportionately affected. They are at a heightened risk for sexual violence, displacement, and loss of livelihoods. Conflict exacerbates existing vulnerabilities, and disrupts livelihoods, affecting majority of women who engage in informal sectors. The displacement and destruction of infrastructure caused by conflict further strains women’s economic participation. Additionally, conflict-related stress, trauma, and limited access to healthcare disproportionately affect women, placing their maternal health, reproductive rights, and mental well-being at risk.
Amidst these challenges, women play a crucial role in peacebuilding, conflict resolution, and community resilience. However, their contributions often go unrecognized and underutilized.

About the Podcast:

Despite cultural and structural barriers, women have been active agents of change. While there are frameworks that acknowledge the importance of women’s participation, the implementation often falls short of expectations. In this episode, Hala Al-Karib – Regional Director -Strategic Initiative for Women in the Horn of Africa and Shuvai Nyoni – Executive Director – African Leadership Centre delved into the contributions of women in peace and security efforts across the region.

Speakers Bio:

Hala Al-Karib:

Hala Al Karib is the Regional Director of the Strategic Initiative for Women in the Horn of Africa (SIHA) and the editorial head of the annual journal “Women in Islam”. She is a Sudanese pro-democracy and African feminist activist. She worked in Sudan, South Sudan, Eastern, and Horn of Africa for over 20 years for various international and regional development and humanitarian institutions. Her work focuses on women and girls in conflict and post-conflict regions, minorities, refugees, and displaced persons. She also has strong expertise in the Horn and Eastern Africa region as a civil society worker /activist and social and gender research practitioner.

Shuvai Nyoni:

Shuvai Busuman Nyoni is a Gender, Peace and Security expert currently serving as the Executive Director of the African Leadership Centre (ALC) in Nairobi, Kenya. Prior to joining the Centre, Shuvai worked as the Director of Interventions and before that Regional Advocacy Specialist for the Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation (CSVR) in Johannesburg South Africa. She has worked extensively with a range of regional and national policymakers, civil society actors and academics in post-conflict and transitional countries on the African continent. Through her work, Shuvai has engaged with issues pertaining to post-conflict reconstruction, governance, social and economic justice, transitional justice, reconciliation, and national and community healing. Shuvai also works as a gender advisor and investigator for sexual and gender-based violence as crimes in conflict and serves on the UN Women/ Justice Rapid Response Roster. Shuvai has worked for various regional organisations addressing issues of conflict, violence, reconciliation and gender equality at local, national and regional levels.

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