Fostering a Collective Vision for Future Peace in South Sudan

African Leadership Centre (ALC)- South Sudan Working Group (SSWG) in partnership with Africans for the Horn of Africa (Af4HA) Initiative will host an X space to pre-launch the African Public Square (APS).

APS seeks to bring together inter-generational African public intellectuals to engage in open debates on Africa’s security and development challenges. APS will intentionally give agency and voice to diverse African participants across the political, social, economic, and cultural landscape that are people- and issue-centred as well as future-oriented.

The X space therefore will serve as a platform to discuss alternative peace solutions that cultivate ownership, reflect the aspirations of peace from the people of South Sudan and bridge the gap between the state and society.

Objectives and Outcomes:
This session aims to:

  • Explore the vision of peace among South Sudanese youth and future leaders.
  • Discuss alternative pathways to achieving sustainable peace, beyond traditional models.

Date: Tuesday, June 27, 2024

Time: 6:00 pm CAT; 7:00 pm EAT (90 minutes)

Here is the link to the scheduled Space: 🔗