As the conflict in Sudan intensifies, @Af4HA has organised a Twitter space conversation to increase public discourse on the situation in #Sudan, and to also provide a platform for Africans to show solidarity with Sudanese citizens. #SolidarityWithSudan #SilencingTheGuns Join @Af4HA for a Twitter space conversation titled: In Solidarity with Sudan: Amplifying Citizen Voices on the […]

The African Union must act now to avoid further loss of life in Sudan

We, Africans for the Horn of Africa (Af4HA) Initiative are gravely concerned about the developingsituation in Sudan. Since the outbreak of conflict between Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) and the RapidSupport Forces (RSF) on 15 April 2023, has already claimed more than 50 Sudanese lives and seenseveral thousand injured. The two generals who lead the two […]